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Gain more efficiency or reduce costs with process automation.

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Automate simple tasks, delegate difficult ones.

  • Reduce customer service time

  • Increase conversions with marketing automation

  • Schedule recurring tasks


Individual approach to needs and project implementation

Tell us about your e-commerce, indicate your goals and we will provide the right solutions.

Project goals
Integration with automation tool
Introducing scenarios
Project implementation
Maintenance and support 360/24
Get new opportunities

Bidirectional API

Our API implements most of the proven and necessary functions to create a good one e-commerce, so we are deliver a new platform for you in a very short time.

Implementation of basic functionalities of the e-commerce platform

Everything you need to freely implement your business goals. Product & category display, search engine, shopping cart and order form.

Processing events and orders within external services

Freely send part or all of information about completed orders or people visitors to your platform to any systems or applications.

Integration with CRM enabling convenient store management

A separate service with which you can easily manage and automate processes or sales within the website or application.

Expand your project

Headless e-manager

The use of our Headles e-manager and API allows for quick flow of information and data, connecting external services and easy user management and process automation aimed at increasing conversions within the registrations obtained in the application.

Product, order and categories management.

Any number of language versions and currencies.

Extended integration with courier companies.

Segmentation of customers and users.

Creator of forms, mailings and pop-ups.

Any number of subpages, FAQs and posts.

Profiled E-mail, SMS and web PUSH campaigns.

Promotional campaigns and discount codes.

Managing tasks and assigning employees.

Sales management in different countries.

Extended integration with payment modules.

Automation of tasks and processes.

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